Saturday, January 10, 2015

Dr. Brown's Review & Giveaway

I was recently contacted by the baby product company, Dr. Brown's, to do a review and giveaway. Naturally, I was super excited to try out some new gear on Wolfie. It was definitely a bonus when a package full of goodies arrived on my front porch the day after Christmas!

Dr. Brown's swag - and this isn't even all of it. Look how cute!

When I was approached about the review, I immediately agreed because Dr. Brown's is a great brand for baby products. All of their products promote good health and optimal nutrition for little ones. On top of it, their products look and feel like they are high quality...well, because they are high quality.

I was specifically asked to review the Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Bottle in the adorable Holiday theme seen below. My little guy spits up quite a bit - and the Natural Flow Bottle is designed specifically to combat the ickiness of spitting up, burping and excess gas. Perfect! - the less this kid farts and pukes, the better. (You might be thinking, "Wait - I thought she was breastfeeding." Yes. I am. But I am also back to work, so I am pumping regularly and daddy supplements while I am gone; sadly, his boobs are useless. Bottles are now a big part of our existence.)

Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Bottle - Holiday Bottle (sold at Babies R Us)

These patented bottles are definitely unique in design and function:
  • designed to reduce colic
  • help to preserve vitamins A, C & E + lipids
  • vacuum-free feeding like breastfeeding
  • BPA free
In all honesty, my little dude didn't take to the new bottle immediately. He is a stubborn one (I have NOOO idea where he got that from...definitely not his Type A, German mommy.) But with a little bit of patience, he got used to them and even preferred them. It took a little bit of getting used to on my end as well, because there are some extra parts involved - but no big deal. I can comfortably say that I noticed a definite decrease in the amount of burping this kid did - almost immediately. He still spits up, but I blame normal infant reflux and the unusual amount of bouncing around I do with him while dancing to 90s music in my kitchen. (You know you like Matchbox 20. Don't judge.)

The surprise here is that he ended up liking a different Dr. Brown's product even more: the Natural Flow Glass Bottle that came in my package. He loves to hold onto his blue bottle and he never fights me on it. The glass bottle has the same advantages as the original Natural Flow bottle. For whatever reason, Wolfie just likes the glass better. It is a classy looking bottle, not gonna lie - he looks a little fancy with it. You be the judge.

Dr. Brown's Glass Bottle and Pacifier and a cool ass baby Wolf

We loved all of our Dr. Brown's products, but the surprise favorites were the Dr. Brown's Healthy Wipes. They are extremely convenient if you have a messy guy like I do. They have several varieties for your specific messy-baby needs. They are flavored, made with xylitol and my little guy approves; he always tries to eat the Nose & Face Wipes. I said he was cute...not smart. (I'm joking. Calm down.)

So, mommies and daddies, if you would like in on some Dr. Brown's swag - you are in luck. They have generously offered to give away 2 Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Bottles to one lucky winner. Just enter below!

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