Aside from running, my other love in life is my quirky stationery line and shop, PaperMichelle. Where running can be very regimented and serious, PaperMichelle is my silly and creative outlet. It is my place where I get to not act like a grown-up in a very grown up world. I make all of my prints and paper cuts by hand. It takes a lot of time, but it is all made with a lot of love and laughs. You can find me blogging over at PaperMichelle - covering topics like art, style, weddings and music.

I have an Etsy shop full of all of my goodies - some of them are even running inspired!

PaperMichelle has been TONS of fun for me. I like to do local art shows; I've been featured in Taste of Home Magazine; my cards are sold in unique shops around the world. If you're in MKE, you can find PaperMichelle at Sparrow Collective in Bay View. 

If you'd like to visit my shop, you can find it HERE. 25% off coupon code for all L&R readers: LACEANDRACE.  Some of my faves are pictured down below. They make me laugh at myself, because I'm punny. :)

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