Sunday, November 27, 2016

"We are a New Balance family." Or are we?

This is not a post about my politics. It is a post about how politics are killin' my vibe, messing with my style and screwing up my running game. It is totally self-centered but it is also totally honest. I am annoyed.

I feel like society is always ruining the things I love. Usually bands. This time: shoes.

According to my Instagram account (which you should follow by the way,) I declared my household a "New Balance family" 18 weeks ago with this photo of my baby boy.

This statement was made long before the election and the ensuing New Balance drama after Trump won - when "neo-Nazis" declared New Balance the official shoe of white people. (What did I even just type? What world is this?!) 

Obviously - this is crazy talk. But it is not why I'm annoyed (at least not in this post.) I am annoyed because now I have to question purchasing another pair of my favorite running shoe. You see - I get the all clear from my doctor to run again in exactly 5 days. I was excited to get a new pair of my favorite kicks to make post-pregnancy Michelle feel fast again.

But no, it couldn't be that simple - New Balance had to open their big, stupid mouth. Ugh.

So screw you, whomever is to blame for tainting something that I love. When I am putting on my shoes, I don't want to think about politics or Donald Trump or neo-nazis or whether my footwear choice is sending stupid, politically charged messages (that I don't even agree with in the slightest.) I go running to forget all of that garbage.

But for real, can I just buy the shoes I like without second-guessing myself and feeling guilty? Is that ok with everyone?