Saturday, January 28, 2017

Money Motivation - Monetizing Your Workout

If you guys are like me, you are motivated by money - or maybe by the thought of losing it (says the person who just volunteered to not work for a little while. That's different!)

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Some of you might have read my $$$ posts in the past (here and here) about my "Runner's Savings Account" concept. The premise is super simple: I pay myself a set amount of money for every mile I run and penalize myself for skipping workouts. 

Do work. Get money. Easy enough.

You can see that I wrote those posts wayyyyy back in 2013. In terms of technology, 2013 was like 100 years ago and since then, a few tech savvy people totally stole my idea and made an app for that.

Since I snoozed on a million dollar idea - I might as well pass along the apps making it easy for you to capitalize on your own effort. Cha-ching!

Pact - Get paid to meet your own workout/diet goals with funds provided by the slackers that didn't meet theirs! 

HealthyWage - Make bets and cash out based on your weight loss.

CharityMiles - Feeling like giving back with your mileage? Runners earn 25 cents a mile for charity through the app. Now you can really feel good about your work out! 

But if you are more of a DIY person (aka "old school") and you want to control your own "Runner's Savings Account" - I encourage you do so with my handy how-to here.

And stay tuned! I'm working on some new coaching opportunities so I can monetize MY workouts. Start budgeting now - you know you need someone to keep your ass accountable.

Or - run and take the money!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Staying Home: If It Don't Make Dollars, Then It Don't Make Sense

Here is my big news: I am staying home with my babies! YESSSSSSSSS. 

You read that right. At least - I'm staying home for now.

There are a million reasons why: my health, finding a not-horrifying daycare for two babies, my hubby's sincere and relentless begging. Mostly my gut feeling that I need to be with these babies.

I would never, ever bash anyone that chooses to go back to work or that has to go back to work for financial reasons. I mean, let's be honest - my hubby and I are both public school teachers - not exactly rollin' in the dough. This decision was made with careful consideration of that fact.

I have had a lot of people express both concern & curiosity when they ask,
"How the hell are you pulling that off?"

This is how - we have a dirt cheap existence:

1. We don't carry credit card balances
2. We bought and gutted a (really cute) foreclosure
3. We just refinanced said foreclosure, making the mortgage cheaper than our previous studio apartment 
4. We drive "crappy" cars that are paid off
5. We have money in savings
6. We don't buy "stuff" (I hate clutter. It makes me violent and panicky.)
7. We find free entertainment - like hiking or playing in our own yard
8. We eat mostly vegetarian and we eat at home
9. We have made use of loan forgiveness programs for student loans
10. To keep this option viable, we make money on the side

Ultimately, this post is about number 10. We already have a few ways of bringing in additional income from home - but I'll be looking into some new opportunities in the near future. When I look at where my skills and interests are, coaching and training seem like obvious answers, so I am definitely exploring that idea. 

I'm not sure which direction to go though - here are some thoughts:
1. run coach specifically for busy and/or new moms
2. fitness accountability coach
3. run coach for beginners (like a C25K model)
4. a combo of all of the above 

So that's where I'll end for today. Anyone have thoughts or ideas on this? I'm not into selling stuff so Beachbody probably isn't the path for me (though I do love all their programs.) Anyway - advice and go!