Saturday, January 28, 2017

Money Motivation - Monetizing Your Workout

If you guys are like me, you are motivated by money - or maybe by the thought of losing it (says the person who just volunteered to not work for a little while. That's different!)

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Some of you might have read my $$$ posts in the past (here and here) about my "Runner's Savings Account" concept. The premise is super simple: I pay myself a set amount of money for every mile I run and penalize myself for skipping workouts. 

Do work. Get money. Easy enough.

You can see that I wrote those posts wayyyyy back in 2013. In terms of technology, 2013 was like 100 years ago and since then, a few tech savvy people totally stole my idea and made an app for that.

Since I snoozed on a million dollar idea - I might as well pass along the apps making it easy for you to capitalize on your own effort. Cha-ching!

Pact - Get paid to meet your own workout/diet goals with funds provided by the slackers that didn't meet theirs! 

HealthyWage - Make bets and cash out based on your weight loss.

CharityMiles - Feeling like giving back with your mileage? Runners earn 25 cents a mile for charity through the app. Now you can really feel good about your work out! 

But if you are more of a DIY person (aka "old school") and you want to control your own "Runner's Savings Account" - I encourage you do so with my handy how-to here.

And stay tuned! I'm working on some new coaching opportunities so I can monetize MY workouts. Start budgeting now - you know you need someone to keep your ass accountable.

Or - run and take the money!


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