Saturday, November 16, 2013

Bliss in the Absence of Training

The last couple weeks have been wonderful. Fabulous. Fun.

It took a little longer than I'd hoped for my legs to recuperate after the marathon, but I'd say they are about 95% right now. That is reason enough to celebrate, but the reason why I'm feeling particularly happy with my fitness right now is that I AM NOT IN A TRAINING CYCLE. For a short window of time between cycles, I can run when I want (if I want.) I can go for as long as I want. I can do other things. I am not stuck to the regimentation of a schedule. I am not obligated to torture myself if the weather is garbage. It is a stress-free, easy-going kind of life that I really needed.

Don't get me wrong: I love training. In a way, I need it to give my left-brained, Type-A mind the structure it demands. I am extremely neurotic, so training is my calm, my zen, my logical, linear lifestyle that never fails me. 90% of the time - I need that.

For the other 10%, I can stand to let loosen up a bit. Doing so allows me to enjoy the non-running parts of my life a little bit more:
- I love that I have more time to cook. 
- I can justify hanging out with friends more often.
- I can sleep in on the weekend without guilt.
- I can spend more time just being quiet at home. Watch a movie. Read a book. Give my puppy kisses. Play in the garden. Etc.

You get the point. One thing that takes up a lot of my time during this part of the year is preparation for Hover Craft - an art/craft show here in Milwaukee. I have so much fun exercising the creative part of my brain. I've been busy working on some new PaperMichelle designs - not sure why I've taken the puns in a hip-hop direction this year, but I like it. I laugh at my own humor more than is socially acceptable.

Get it? Papa Wheelie?! I'm so punny.
You know this is funny. If you don't get it, we aren't friends.
Not done yet. "At Christmas, we're all hardcore WRAPPERS!" haha

So - I'll be occupied with stationery and bad jokes until December 8th for the show. My cycle for Boston will start up after that - when I am in Carlsbad, California for work for three days. I've never spent time in California before, so I am really excited to get to run along the Pacific Coast in mild December weather. Lots to look forward to in the next couple months, but for right now, I am savoring the break.


  1. I just took 3 days off for the first time in two years (not counting times I was sick or whatever). 10/10 would recommend to a friend. Felt great to get back at it too!

    Sarah | Mass Gain Source