Saturday, July 26, 2014

Post-Baby Fitness Equipment: Getting Back in Shape

Tomorrow is my baby shower! I am pretty excited about it. I think a lot of people on both sides of our families doubted we'd ever have kids - so there is a fair level of anticipation with this little bundle. 

Of course, I registered for all of the necessary baby gear - the crib, the swing, the boob equipment, the car seat, etc. But I also put one thing on the registry that I feel mostly selfish about: a jogger. I don't feel selfish, because it is unnecessary or over the top - but because I see it as MY ticket back to MY former self. (I still have 7 weeks until my due date and I am already salivating at the thought of getting in a long run.) My relationship with running is weirdly personal and it is something I protect. For that reason, I wanted to be sure that my jogger came from someone that "gets it" - that understands how important running is to my existence and how this piece of equipment is not just a piece of equipment, but a guarantee of a return to my lifestyle. I am definitely romanticizing here, but the jogger seriously represents a promise to myself: I am committed to taking care of me - my sanity, my body, my goals and now, my little family. I was thrilled when my parents said they wanted to get my jogger, because they definitely "get it."

When it came time to decide which jogging stroller I wanted, I did some research and polled my net friends (you guys!) The resounding response was to get a BOB Stroller - although there was some discrepancy in which model everyone preferred. I chose the BOB Ironman (in yellow!) I like that it is built for serious distance, high visibility and style - obviously. I have to wait until our little dude is 8 months before he can join me on the road, but when he does, we are going to run far and wide in our flashy little buggy. :) I will write a review after I actually get to test it out.

So - runner friends - since you have been so helpful in determining which jogger to get, I thought I would ask which other essential items helped you return to running/your active lifestyle? I'm talking anything - sport bras, baby carriers, protein powders, etc. Anything! You guys are experts and I have so much to learn!

I'll do a "Baby Shower" post sometime later this week - it is so much fun to get to share our little adventure with you all.


  1. You're truly an inspiration Michelle!

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  4. This stroller is awesome! I just had my son and if we had this we could go all over the town and finally get out of the house! This momma is goin a little stir crazy!

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