Saturday, December 3, 2016

Setting New Goals: Undoing Atrophy & Regaining Sanity

Well, my daughter turned 8 weeks old yesterday - and that means I have the all-clear from my doc to resume running.  

Can I get an A-MEN?!

I went for a short one today. 3 cold and glorious miles. 

During my run, I thought about what my new fitness goals would be. I decided that my focus must first and foremost be undoing the muscle atrophy that a pregnancy and 8 weeks of sitting around breastfeeding does. I mean seriously - has anyone seen my booty? Call me if you find it.

To give you an idea of the level of muscle loss I'm talking about here, my pre-pregnancy weight was a muscle-y 115. My current post-pregnancy weight is a wimpy, soft and saggy 111. It ain't cute. The same thing happened after my son, so at least this time I know it isn't a life sentence and I am not frantically looking for a Groupon for "tummy tucks" - but it is time to tighten it up. So that's my goal, my attainable goal with no timeline. I am VERY excited about this. The best part is that running makes my brain work better and happier - so that's part of the goal too. Run ---> regain mental stability ---> be a nicer mommy and wife ---> repeat forever and ever.

And guys, I think found where my butt went: directly into these super round cheeks and one round baby belly. :)



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