Friday, December 28, 2012

Resolution Number One: Clean Food

Normally - like 90% of the time - I eat well. I think I eat impressively well. It's not that I'm SOOO concerned about the food that I put in my mouth; I just prefer things that grow in the ground. I think they taste better, so that is a no-brainer to me.

Tonight's Dinner: Acorn  Squash, Wild Rice and Rosemary Roasted Veg
I do plan and cook all of my own food, with the exception of a Friday night dinner date. I have lots of veggies growing in my yard - kale, tomatoes, garlic, tomatoes, peppers, peas, radishes, etc. Nothing beats cooking with items right from my yard, so I do it all the time. I take a lot of care to prepare things as freshly and cleanly as I know how. Everyday. So yes - I care about what I eat and how I fuel my body. We runners have to care about it or we cannot compete well.

BUT...the holidays. Oh, the holidays. I still try to make good choices but it is inevitable that diets change over the holidays - if only for the fact that you are not making all of your own food anymore. It would be rude to show up to the pot luck at work or Grandma's Christmas party and ask if the ingredients are organic. Normal humans suck it up and pig out! Plus, holiday food is FUN! It's usually traditional or naughty or loaded with fat and sugar or...just different than usual! There is a lot of love in those meals and the times built around them.

My scale does not care about Christmas memories. Nope. My scale is a rat bastard that stands around with a calculator adding up every naughty calorie I stuffed into my pie hole. What a jerk. Then - when all the fun has ended and the holidays are done - that rat bastard hands me the bill in the form of a few extra pounds and a grumpy attitude. I hate that guy.

All that being said: I vow to get back on track with a clean diet just as soon as I put my champagne glass down when the ball drops. Promise!

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