Saturday, December 29, 2012

Resolution Number Two: Stay Positive

My second runner resolution for the next year (and the next 100 years) is to stay positive.  It seems simple enough, but every year - I find myself frustrated and like I have lost some amount of control in my life (I am a Virgo; control issues are part of the gig.) Let's face it: grumpy and negative people suck....literally, they suck the life and fun out of things. I don't want to be one of those fun-suckers, so I want to do what I can to be HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY. Happiness = Success!

Stay Focused Poster from TriciaODesign/
 I really hope that I am able to do exactly what the poster says: stay focused, stay positive and keep moving forward. I have a lot of lofty, kinda crazy goals for myself this year and they will require a tremendous amount of determination and commitment. There is no room for self doubt, doubt from others or negativity that could detract from my master plan.

How will you stick to this resolution, you ask? Well, here you go:
  1. I will have reasonable and attainable goals
  2. I will allow myself some flexibility in my life, including time for myself and the things I love
  3. I will quit hanging around with negative, icky people. I don't really do this now, but I will protect my time by ditching the complainers or nay-sayers
  4. I will eat well because eating badly = lazy and crabby
  5. I will diligently stick to my workout plan, come hell or high water, because THE MASTER PLAN
  6. I will tell bad jokes that I think are hilarious and I will laugh at them
  7. I will get good sleep that lasts more than a few hours at a time
  8. I will say "No, thanks" to things I don't want to do
  9. I will try to find a career that I actually want to pursue - something that I am excited about
  10. I will try new things this year. If I love them, cool. If I fail or hate them, at least they were new!
I think we could all stand to take a step back and think about what is keeping us from being happy every day. I know that I don't have the time to let a lack of focus or negative thoughts keep me from achieving my goals for 2013.

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