Sunday, June 2, 2013

Amen - A New Training Cycle Begins

Officially, a new marathon training cycle begins today! YES! More than anything, I feel really relieved to be back on a schedule. The last several weeks (since Boston) have been really challenging - minor injuries, busy work schedule, coaching, working out when I can, bla bla bla. Being a teacher, I have the luxury of a summer off. My summer is pretty much dedicated to my training - so really intense, focused training/diet/sleep/life begins on June 12th. SO EXCITED!

I love that training is a regimented schedule that I get to base the rest of my life around. "Do you want to come to my birthday party?" "Oh - I'd really love to, but I can't because - you know - marathon training." haha. God, I sound anti-social. But in reality, I do love the structure and predictability that comes with a training cycle (is my Virgo showing?)

I plan to race throughout the summer, starting with the infamous Lighthouse Run ("the revenge of the Slow Champ") on June 15th - but my fall marathon will be a repeat performance of the Lakefront Marathon in Milwaukee. I love that race! I'm also really curious to see how my time changes with a year of dedicated training. Last year, I ran 3:18:45 at LFM - I would like to CRUSH THE SHIT out that time. We'll see on October 6th.

I am looking to work in several races between now and then. Anyone have must-do races for the summer in the Midwest? I love to check out new races in the area.

What are your goals for the summer racing season?


  1. Love starting a new cycle! I have to say, I'm jealous of the fact that you have summers off and can totally focus on training but I know you've worked hard for it. :) I started training regularly again this past week. Feels so good to get 5 runs in one week again!

  2. What r some of the best parts about the lakefront marathon?? What stands out ?

    1. Most of it is pretty rural - so it is a beautiful fall course with the leaves just beginning to change. The course is really flat, so that makes for fast times - and great scenery: cows, forests, the lake, some of the largest homes Wisconsin and ultimately, the city at the end of the race. Despite the small size of the race, I found the spectators to be wonderful and spread out well!