Monday, June 17, 2013

Race Recap - 2013 Lighthouse Run 10 Mile

On Saturday morning, I ran the Racine Lighthouse Run 10 Mile race in my hometown. I have been looking forward to this race ever since I finished last year! If you recall, I "won" the 4 Mile LHR last year.

On Wednesday night, I got a sore throat - and immediately thought "Oh no! Please don't be sick!" Sure enough - I got hammered by some kind of icky flu/cold/sinus infection. I even considered not running on Saturday, because I was having a hard time breathing without running. But I know myself and I would have been really disappointed if I let a cold get in my way, so I adjusted my goals a little bit and got ready to run.

Mother Nature was not particularly cooperative on Saturday morning - 60 degrees (yay) and consistent rain showers (oy.) And wow - they were consistent! I lined up with the other runners and took off at a moderate pace, feeling things out. I ran the first mile in 6:34 and it felt ok. I knew that would still end up being too fast to maintain, so I eased up a little but and settled around 6:50 - 7 min/mi pace. Around mile four, I could really feel burning in my chest. I had a persistent need to cough and clear my throat. On top of it, the pouring rain was making my sweat run right into my eyes - which was stinging like hell! I literally ran with my eyes closed for 5 seconds at a time. Haha - I'm sure I looked nuts.

I'm not crying. That's rain in my eyes!  Photo: Journal Times

Once I got to the 7 mile mark, I knew that I would be able to maintain my pace - and come in under 1:10 (sub 7 min/mi was my goal.) I played my watch closely, not pushing anything too much and taking advantage of any declines or flats where I might drop a few easy seconds. I crossed the finish line in 1:09:31. I was the 8th female overall and 2nd in my division. All things considered, I was pretty satisfied with that performance! 

The Journal Times included the lovely photo above in Sunday's paper, which prompted my dear father to say, "You look like a drowned rat." Can you feel the love?! Haha. Hopefully, my health and the weather are on board next year. The Lighthouse Run really is a beautiful race along Lake Michigan - and a wonderful community event. I'll keep running it as long as my legs let me.


  1. Nice race, Michelle! You did great considering your cold and the rain!

    1. Thanks Sun! I'm ok with it - but I do wonder how I would've done if everything went MY way. :) Oh well. Next race!