Monday, August 27, 2012

Running Ruins My Hair

Distance: 12.5 Miles
Time: 1:45
Days Until Marathon: 40

So - I have just under six weeks left until my marathon. SIX WEEKS. That time is going to go so fast and dear god, let me stay on track with my training so I don't die in six weeks. There has already been a casualty as a result of this training.

All of the miles that I have logged for this race and the races I did earlier in the year have taken a toll on my hair. It is bad enough that I am NOT BLESSED with thick, lush hair. No. I have stringy, brown hair. It feels like spider webs. (That drives guys wild, let me tell you.)

When I decided to run the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon, I made a pact with my hair. I said, "Look, I'm going to grow you out until we do this marathon together. You've stuck with me for all of these miles, all the headbands, all the sweat and sun." And that is how "Marathon Hair" was born. I'm notorious for chopping all of my hair off on a whim, so this really is new for me. It is making me crazy, too - I almost cut it off today and then - I remembered - Marathon Hair. Pact. Etc.

Well, running around for hours everyday in under the sun makes my marathon hair a gross shade of brass. I'm a brunette. Browny fo' life! So - this golden tint makes me mad. I hate it, in fact. Puke.

I FINALLY GOT MY BROWN BACK.  And thank the lord for that! 
Or L'Oreal. Whomever.

Before: Icky copper hair and angry profile.

After: Brown in the house! I look upset, but no. Maybe a comb though.             

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  1. Hi Michelle! I just found your blog through your Twitter account. I'm also from the Milwaukee area, a prize winning slower runner :) and have a running blog. It's great to meet you!
    Thanks for tweeting @MKELFMarathon.