Tuesday, August 21, 2012

There Is No Finish Line

Distance: 9 Miles
Time: 1:12
Days Until Marathon: 46

The weather was really great today for a nice, slow run along Lake Michigan. I am still recovering a little bit from the 18 miler I did on Sunday - my knees are being jerks. I suppose, I should stop playing tennis if I am trying to get these knees to heal.

I have less than 7 weeks until the Lakefront Marathon in Milwaukee, so I have to keep up my mileage. I would like to do so without all the limping, grinding and crying though. Speaking of the marathon, it was just announced today that Nick Symmonds of USATF and Olympic fame will be attending the event. Joan Benoit Samuelson is also scheduled to take part in the events leading up to the race. She'll be premiering a Nike documentary, There Is No Finish Line. Very cool. Very effing cool.

"There Is No Finish Line", short teaser from Sarah Henderson on Vimeo.

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