Monday, February 11, 2013

Operation: Mental Health Day

'Tis the eve of a glorious affair - one hard earned mental health day. You heard me right - I am not going to work tomorrow, because I need to recharge. (Read: I am not going to work tomorrow, because I am afraid of punching someone or having a total melt down.)

I am very in tune with myself - with my physical health and my mental state. Lately, my 9-5 has been just...not fun. I'm a teacher and I work with kids; it should be FUN! Today, I actually thought I was going to have a panic attack. My heart started pounding in my chest and I couldn't catch my breath - all because I was frustrated with my students' behavior. I have a history of anxiety and that is how I know that I need a day to myself to do the things that reduce my stress and increase my smiley fun time. 


Choose Happiness Print from Design By Calani
As grown ups, we have these really cool but challenging choices to make - like choosing happiness above all else, like knowing when to stop, like knowing when to ask for help and when to take a break. I am choosing to listen to the little grumpy Michelle in my brain that is like, "Dude - WTF? You have to chill out." Loud and clear, sister. Loud and clear.

So - what do I plan to do with my mental health day? I'm not entirely sure yet, but I plan to do a lot of selfish, satisfying things and here are some of my ideas:
  1. Sleep until I wake up. No noisy alarms allowed!
  2. Have a big satisfying (mostly healthy) breakfast - with coffee and coffee
  3. Go for a long, easy run to clear my head
  4. Take one stressful thing off of my plate (like attacking the pile of laundry in my closet)
  5. Snuggle with my dog while watching a chick flick
  6. Read something not related to work
  7. Talk to both of my parents - oh hell - go see them! They're great!
  8. Sing loudly by myself in MY HOUSE
  9. Write a handwritten letter to someone to make THEM feel happy
  10. Paint my black toenails
  11. Paint something else - like real painting full of badly painted artwork
  12. Bake a thing
  13. Seriously consider a date with myself: lunch and a rom-com? Lunch and a haircut?
  14. Cook a beautiful healthy meal for my mister - because he should be happy too
  15. Go to bed early in clean sheets with a pup and a homeboy by my side
We'll see what unfolds, but I am really looking forward to taking care of this lively spirit that I have. She deserves to be happy and free. So does your lively spirit. Take care of it.


  1. That's a long list!

  2. I love the idea of a mental health day. To me, it seems just as important as a sick day. recharging your mind is essential sometimes!

    By the way, I gave your blog the Liebster Award: It's essentially a fun way of sharing growing blogs and answering a few questions. Don't feel like you have to post about it, but if you want to, just email me for the questions to answer!

  3. From one teacher to another: amen. Since I work after school (till 4:50 Tuesday through Thursday) Friday clubs (2:30-4:30 Fridays ) and Saturday school (9am-12pm) I feel like I often don't have a weekend. I have a big fat check with overtime pay but man this past weekend when a that was cancelled, I felt like I had an extra day off! We watched two movies, ordered Chinese, saw an awesome bluegrass band (ventured into the snow!) ran twice, walked my dog a million times, enjoyed scenery, baked coffee cake, made hue is rancheros, made a casserole, cleaned, called all family members (4 siblings and parents). Sigh. It was exactly what I needed. CHEERS TO YOU! I hope you find the enjoyment I found!

  4. Sometimes the dance parties I have alone in my house (with singing) are so absurd I even stop and laugh at myself. Your date should be lunch & a movie with a snuck-in mini bottle of wine! My fav.

    Have a great day!!

  5. Mental health days are SUPER important. I feel like I'm probably one of the luckiest girls in the world in that I can actually be honest and tell my boss that I need a mental health day, and she supports that. More places should be supportive of such things. (And my mister is a teacher - 6th grade at an elementary school. Some days I can tell how stressful it was before I even get through the door. I can only imagine how it is first hand.)