Monday, January 14, 2013

Gear Wish List - January

I try desperately to not be the kind of person that is always longing for things. I think I do a good job purchasing practical and necessary gear to make my running lifestyle successful; 
sometimes a girl wants the newest, baddest, most impractical, frivolous and pretty things around. This is just a fact. Here are some of my "Look, but don't touch" things for January. Some of them might become mine anyway - as long as the Runner's Savings Account is happy.

Nike Studio Wrap Pack - THEY ARE TRANSFORMERS - WHAT?!

Lululemon Runder Under Pant - YAY FOR STRIPES

Zella Z Quilt Moto Jacket (Zella is found at Nordstrom)

Nike Sphere Dry Half Zip

New Balance 1400 (I cheated; already bought these!)
Lululemon Do It Up Duffel - ANOTHER TRANSFORMER


  1. I wish the Runder Unders weren't 8 feet too long on me. Womp womp.

  2. That Zella jacket is swesome! - Samantha

  3. I love my Runder Unders, but I wish I'd gotten them in a cool pattern like those! Also, that Zella jacket is gorgeous. I'd wear that anywhere!

  4. I have a different jacket from Zella and it is THE BEST. People compliment it all the time and it is made really well. The guy who designs Zella for Nordstrom used to design for Lululemon (I think) and you can totally tell.