Monday, January 28, 2013

Healthy Guacamole Recipes

Guacamole Recipe Print from lucileskitchen

Admit it. You LOVE guacamole. All sane people do. The problem with guacamole is that it can become pretty unhealthy pretty quickly - especially when you can't stop shoveling it into your pie hole. Salty chips. Sour cream. Calorie dense avocados. OY.

I want you to know that I'm a reasonably credible judge of a good guac. Remember that Mr. Lace & Race is Mexican and I'm a vegetarian. His Mexican family likes my recipe enough to let that be the dish I bring to celebrations. *dusts shoulder off

I have found that the secret to a really great guac recipe is simplicity and fresh ingredients. My recipe is also healthier than many others I've seen. Guacamole should be a healthy-ish treat; it is loaded with good fats and lots of nutrient dense, colorful fruits and veg. I use a lot of substitutions without really taking away from the flavor - in fact - I dare say the simpler recipe enhances the flavor. If you're looking for a crazy light version of guac, try this Broccomole recipe from Domestic Fits. But for now, here is my take on the party staple:

Lace & Race Healthy Guacamole Recipe

- 6 to 8 ripe avocados
-1/2 diced red onion (medium)
- 2 to 3 diced roma tomatoes
- 3 finely chopped garlic cloves
- 1 to 2 TBSP lime juice (lemon works too)
-1/4 C chopped fresh cilantro
- 1 mild green chile (optional)
- cumin to taste
- sea salt & pepper to taste

 *optional garnishes: toasted pumpkin seeds, queso fresco, bacon

1. In a large bowl, roughly mash the avocados. I think leaving some chunks is preferable for texture. Also - use REALLY ripe avocados for creamier guac to avoid icky sour cream. (IF YOU INSIST ON ADDING A CREAM FILLER, use Greek yogurt as a substitute.)
2. Mix in everything else with a spoon, but add the tomatoes last so you don't crush them.
3. Taste for amounts of salt, pepper and cumin
4. Think of creative chip alternatives. You just need something crunchy - so I like to use cauliflower. I also make chips at home from fresh corn tortillas baked in the oven.
5. Let the guacamole sit for about an hour in the fridge before serving
6. Most importantly, don't over-do anything. Simplicity is key.




  1. I don't remember ever putting tomato in? It's going in next time. Yummy!

    1. Do it! Just be sure that you get a tomato that will hold up to some abuse and is not grainy.

  2. Wait who are the crazy people who put more than that in there? And why? Simple guac is the best!!

  3. That looks a lot like the recipe I follow for making guac although I haven't tried adding cumin. Next time, I will!