Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lace & Race Week in Review

One week ago today, I was feeling like hell. I thought I was nursing an unjustified hangover, but I ended up actually being sick. So this was a weak of rest, flexibility and patience - which I don't have much of.

Saturday - This was an absolute waste of a day. The headache and fatigue I had were disabling, so I just laid around in pajamas and acted like a gigantic baby. I was truly miserable. :( BOOOO. NO FUN.

Sunday - I still wasn't feeling 100%, but I did feel well enough to do an Insanity workout for 45 minutes and followed it up with some core work. After that, I made a trip out to the Nike Outlet. How dangerous is it that I have a huge Nike outlet about a half hour away from me at all times?! This trip ended up being really, really fantastic because NIKE HAD A SALE! I spent a mere $54 and I ended up with two new pairs of running shorts and two Nike running hoodies. WIN! (In retrospect, I should've bought more gear, but I was trying to be responsible.)

Sunday night was fun, too - because I had a date night with Mr. Lace and Race and my mom! We went to see Grace Potter & the Nocturnals at the beautiful Pabst Theater in Milwaukee. My mom is a huge fan.  It was a great show, but I'll take any excuse to go to the Pabst. It's a stunning Milwaukee gem and you should visit if you're ever in the area.

Monday - Since I am a teacher, we had off on Monday for MLK Day. I was happy to be home to watch the Inauguration with all of its pomp and circumstance. Did anyone else see Paul Ryan creeping around behind Jay-Z and Beyonce? haha - I love awkward moments. That Beyonce scandal is a whole different story. Who cares? I did manage to workout on Monday - stuck inside because it was NEGATIVE 25 windchill here in Wisconsin. I did a 60 minute plyometric workout. I followed that up by cooking the night away.

Tuesday - I woke up absolutely DRENCHED IN SWEAT. Yuck. I must have had a fever over night, because my sheets were soaked and I felt terrible again. I stayed home from work to take a rest day and keep my germs to myself. 

Wednesday - I was feeling a little bit more like myself, so I went to work where my students were doing a lab. We've been learning all about minerals, so our lab was extracting iron from cereal. They loved it, but they were also equally grossed out by the amount of metal in their food. If you're a female with low iron, Total cereal isn't joking about the amount in a single serving!

I worked out after school. I did repeat 800s on the treadmill and followed that up with an arms/abs session. Every time I run on the dreadmill, I feel like I have shin splints. Hate it, but a necessary speed workout is done.

Thursday - I did a 6 miler along the lake with a few tempo miles and hills thrown in. The temperatures were finally reasonable (meaning: back in the positive digits) and I was happy to get out. 

Friday - I played a game of student vs staff volleyball at school. I scored six points when I was serving - WOO HOO! But I also got too aggressive at one point and ended up on the ground after going for a ball. I think that jacked up my right knee a little bit and it is still sore. Every time I play in a student vs staff game at school, I get hurt; in the last basketball game, I got a black eye being too scrappy. When I got home, I did a slow 5.5 mile run in the snow. It was really wonderful to be out in the dark, with no noise and no humans - just me and my foot steps in the new snow. 

Don't mess with me. I'll sacrifice my face to win something.


  1. Love it, I'm also a scrappy "casual" game player!

    1. Exactly - there's no casual competition! I don't even if I'm competing with 12 year olds. haha

  2. The "iron for breakfast" thing, too funny - in middle school one of my science fair projects was with magnets and ground breakfast cereal - I couldn't believe how much of it would stick to the magnets!
    On a different note, wasn't the Grace Potter show awesome? I loved it, too! (Full disclosure - I work at the Pabst!)