Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mister Lace and Race

I thought I would take a second to introduce you all to Mr. Lace and Thaddeus (best name ever, right?!) This is my partner in crime for the last 9 years and he's my "coach."  He's pretty cool and I want to talk about how much I like him.
We are very chic.
I decided to write this post today when we went to Target. It is a running joke that every time we go to Target, I visit the baby department while he checks out the guys clothes. I'm not actually baby obsessed; I do it specifically to torture him - in a loving way.

I thought I would be particularly pathetic today, so I took down a baby jogger from the shelf. I pretended like I didn't realize he was looking and I pushed it all around the aisle. He immediately rushed over and described it as "the saddest thing he's ever seen." hahaha
God bless him for being so patient with my humor. We'll have kids sometime - but not soon. We'll also get married one day - but not until we want to have a massive party in my parent's barn.

I simply cannot say how much of a team we are. He is so supportive of my very busy and weird lifestyle. He's my unofficial running coach - taking video, analyzing my form, chasing me around at races, etc. He's even taken up running so we can spend more time together. He's the most thoughtful, intellectual and handsome dude around. He is my biggest fan and I am certainly his. Thanks, Thadman.


  1. What a sweet post! "He is my biggest fan and I am certainly his." I love this! Ultimately, if you're not a fan of your partner, why are you together? Also, totally love your sense of humor. I like torturing my boyfriend with those kinds of jokes, too :)

    1. Those are the best kind of jokes, because it terrifies them. That's mean, I guess. :)

  2. That is a really cute picture of you two!