Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Illness and Training Don't Mix

Take Lots of Naps - Get Well Card from aLouCreations
As I sit here, I am hot and sweaty - but not because I just had a great workout. I am sick. Being sick makes me really angry. I did not plan for this! I don't have time for this! I still haven't quite figured out what kind of "sick" I am - whatever kind has these lovely qualities:
  • can't stop sleeping
  • can't stop sweating
  • monstrous headache 
  • razor blades in throat
  • SORE - like I just got done being kick-boxed
The biggest problem when I am sick is not that I feel crappy; it is the fact that I cannot do anything. The idea of "rest" is something I am just not down with at all. I have never been the type of person that is content sitting still, watching a movie or relaxing with a book. I think those things sound great, but the reality is that I get really bored, really fast. I usually go stir crazy and start doing "irresponsible when sick" kind of things - like working out, cleaning the house or fighting crime.

The rest and recovery thing is especially problematic when I have a strict training plan to stick to. I understand that rest, hydration, proper nutrition are absolutely necessary when you come down with some form of plague, but my head (guilty conscience) is saying:

 "You're fine. It's a cold. Go get your miles in!" 
On the other hand, the grown up in me is demanding that I take it easy and ignore those pushy voices. This helpful article from Women's Running gives some good advice on "Running From the Flu." It isn't necessarily ground breaking stuff - we know what we should and should not do when when we're sick, but sometimes we need a reminder (or permission) to take it easy.

Since working out would be a bad decision, I have been keeping busy in other ways. I spent last night doing one of my favorite things: COOKING. I ended up making a giant pot of Fifteen Bean Cabbage Soup. It sounds kind of boring, I suppose - but I promise - it is delicious and loaded with all sorts of good stuff that will help speed up my return to health.
Rinse the beans! All 15 kinds.
Lots of fresh veggies all loaded up with the good stuff.
Barley, wild rice and dried sweet peppers.
I followed that up with a big batch of my favorite Power Scones. I swear these things have magical powers.
As for today, I'm taking a sick day. I work in a school, so I can't subject all those people to my cooties. I am going to take it easy, eat my cabbage soup and hang around with this girl. I might not feel great, but it is a decent way to spend a Tuesday. Hopefully, I'll be feeling better tomorrow; when I am, I'll be laced up and ready to run.
Gertie - my favorite little girl of them all
How do you deal with training when you're sick? 


  1. That soup looks amazing! Hmm basically I take it one day at a time and don't push myself. Sweating is good, feeling fatigued is bad (in my experience).

    1. Sweat from illness is gross. :( I drenched my sheets and clothes last night, which is probably the worst way to wake up! I'm still pretty tired. Lots of Vitamin C and liquids!!! Stay healthy. :)