Thursday, July 18, 2013

Connecting with the Greater Community

I am part of a Foodie/Fitness group here in Milwaukee - OlallieMKE. Olallie is a collaboration of like-minded people in the area - we're all into food, fitness and social media. We have events related to those things: eat food, work food calories off, blog about both. 

Well, last night we had a fitness event in a local park in Milwaukee. We had a butt-kicking Boot Camp class from Tracey of Power UP Fitness followed by a wonderful yoga session in the shade of a tree. 
Boot Camp Gals! Photo Credit: Kat of The Fit Girl's Kitchen

Well - something amazing happened while we were doing the yoga portion of our workout; strangers joined us. We were all in a circle holding a pose when we heard,
 "HEY - can we join you?"

Without hesitation, we said "Of course!" and made the circle larger to accommodate the three young girls that had been walking by on their way to the beach. They took positions in the circle, giggling a bit at the prospect of doing something that probably seemed awkward. I can't be certain, but it seemed like they hadn't done yoga before and just wanted to try. I love that willingness to try something new. 

Throughout the yoga cool down, the girls blended into the original group - taking cues from the instructor and quietly transitioning into each position. As I looked around at our little circle in the park - it felt more complete with these nameless strangers learning and growing along with us. My heart felt really great in that moment. When we were done, we exchanged pleasantries with the girls - giving them some trail mix and an explanation of our group. We also let them know about our upcoming events. Who knows - maybe they'll join us again. 

One of the missions of Olallie is to bring a love and knowledge of wellness to our community; as far as last night goes - mission accomplished.

BEFORE getting sweaty. Photo Credit: Sheila of SMWRoadRunner


  1. I love that some passing people decided to join you for the workout! Looks like a great time and can't wait to see you gals at the next event :)