Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Running Gear: The Handmade Wishlist

As some of you might know, I have another website and blog in the artistic realm of stationery design. As much as I am Lace & Race, I am also PaperMichelle. I have to temper the competitive parts of my Virgo personality with creativity. 

Keeping the Pace Print from OutdoorSportsArt
Because of my association with the handmade world, I like to promote other creative types and their talents. I thought I would take a step away from wishlisting the big name companies and highlight some handmade gear from real humans. I understand that it isn't practical to buy all things handmade (I certainly won't be buying handmade racing flats) but there are some really wonderful, interesting options out there and you won't find them in a mall or a catalog. And bonus - help support the handmade movement! 

Here are some running related lovelies found in the depths of Etsy. All of the shops listed below have loads of running gear in their shops, so please visit their links.

Super Woman Running Costume (20% discount if you mention this post! How nice!) from ThisPrincessRuns
Running Adds Life To My Days Print from StephLawsonDesign

Running is a Privilege Tank - FiredaughterClothing
Run Bracelet from Ironjen

Wonder Woman Inspired Sleeves from GroovyBabyActionGear
Race Medal Display from StrutYourStuffSignCo

I'm Not Strong For A Girl... Tank from NutritionSnob


  1. I love all of the inspiration! I try to buy things at local craft fairs to support handmade wares, but I haven't thought about my running gear! Very cute stuff. Thanks!

  2. Great post. I love the bracelet. Thanks for putting this together.