Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lace & Race Gets Social!

I have been working really hard this past week to get Lace & Race caught up with the social media world. I want to reach a broader audience, because I get so much joy out of connecting with all of you wonderful, like-minded people. What an amazing thing technology is. Thankfully, I have the summer off to focus on such things.

You might or might not have noticed that my blog has undergone a pretty serious make-over. I'm really excited about it! Please click around and learn a little bit more about me, why this blog exists and what else I do with my life. I like giving you all a chance to know me on a more personal level, because it can't be all "bla bla bla running, bla bla bla recipe" - we gotta have a little fun too!

Here are all of the ways you can find Lace & Race in the webby world. You can also just visit my "Contact" page. You should anyway, because I have a great joke posted there. (Thanks, Amy.)




A joke for your Saturday morning :)

Why did Sally's coffee taste like mud? Because it was fresh ground.

Ok - your turn! Tell me a joke or your favorite social media tip in the comments!


  1. Joke: What kind of dance did the spaghetti and sauce attend? THE MEAT BALL lol

    Instagram is my favorite by far! It makes it really simple to share and connect with your readership, and visuals make everything more interesting. Congratulations on your progress, Michelle.

  2. Joke: how much did it cost a pirate to pierce his ear?
    A: a buck-an-ear!

    Social media: download google comments for your blog comments, it notifies the commenter that you responded, unlike regular comments on blogger (a reader would never know you responded to a comment!)"I feel like it helps me interact with readers more